Farmers find themselves the right cows calves for sale!

Some of the basic humans need!

calves for saleMilk happens to be an important part of our diet. It is necessary to consume milk for the proper growth of one’s bones, teeth and strength. It helps in providing one with instant energy and tons of nutrients. We use this milk to make different milk products. These products are known as dairy products and they consist of cheese, cream, yogurt, etc. Another important part of our diet plan is red meat. To stay healthy and fit one is required to eat meat since it is enriched with proteins. Red meat is a basic need for everyone who wishes to remain fit and strong since it provides us with the basic nutrient.

The benefactors are always forgotten!

However, with all these benefits we actually forget the main source of all these products, cows! Yes, how easy it is to ignore these animals that provide us with so much! Not only do they provide us with milk and meat for human consumption but also provide us with their skin, more commonly known as veal.

Farmers tend to search for calves for sale so that they may allow them to be reared into cattle. Once these calves have matured and have been reared, they are then either slaughtered for their meat or either for their skin. Basically, calves are those young cows that have lost their mothers. They are then either introduced to other cows that feed them their milk or either these calves are weaned. Meaning they are given some other alternate food instead.

Farmers search for calves for sale and then rear them. Once they are old enough these calves are then made to mate with other bulls so that they may reproduce. Just like other mammals these calves are born nine months later. They are able to stand up just after minutes of calving and they start to suckle within an hour. However, these young calves are still too weak that they can not follow the mothers around.

Different farms, different processes!

At many farms, most calves are separated from the mothers after sometime. This is normally done on poor forages. The calves are brought to the mothers once or twice a week so that they can suckle. This is done since cows produce limited amounts of milk. And if the calves were to drink it, there would be no milk left for human consumption.

Whereas, at intensive dairy farms, calves are bought and then they are fostered onto a cow, preferably a cow which is used only for milk production. Or sometimes they are even fed formula milk straight from the bucket.

Most of these calves bought are reproduced with the help of genetic mating. This is done to meet the requirements of the farmers. Since with the help of this process, they are able to breed more calves which are capable of more milk production! And so there are many different cow breeds which are preferred by farmers for different purposes as well!

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