Farmers prefer buying miniature cows for their farms!

They might be small but they are everything!

miniature cows forFarmers often buy different animals suitable for their farms. However, the most bought animals have to be miniature cows for small farms. These cows are preferred by farmers since they are easy to keep. These 46 inched cows are so small, that they can easily be kept and maintained. Also these cows are often results of breeding that are done by farmers to achieve the particular features in them that they want.

Dexter and Miniature Jersey are considered to be the perfect miniature cows for small farms. Farmers often buy them since they produce more milk as compared to other cattle and cows. These cows are results of breeding that is done so that the cows many produce milk and meat in large amounts. Also these miniature cows for sale are often bought at, considerably, cheap prices. Also since they do not require food in large amounts farmers often find them easier to keep.  Furthermore they are easier to maintain as well.

Another thing about these miniature cows is that they are extremely adorable. People prefer keeping them as pets as well. Since they are not only small in size, easy to manage and also they happen to be extremely adorable too! These cows can produce milk in large quantities; this milk produced contains high protein contents. Plus the milk produced is enough for farmers to use in their homes and they can also sell the rest.  These mini cows are also preferred for their meat as well! It is said that the meat of a miniature cow is far tastier as compared to regular meat. And many people prefer eating meat of these mini cows instead.

With these miniature cows you don’t have to do much.

Since these cows are so small they require less pasture, also they produce less waste. This means that you won’t have to cart away heaps of dung. They help keep your pastures clean and trimmed. Plus they’ll help you carry your stuff around since these min cows are less to bulky and can be loaded and packed around easily.

The main five breeds of these miniature cows are mentioned below!

Dexter cattle are Irish mountain cattle; they are extremely small in size. They can either have long-legs or either short legs. Dexter beef is said to be delicious and it provides large quantity of milk as well.

Lowlines are mini Angus cattle, they are said to provide the best quality meat and are perfect to keep as pets.

Herefords are mini cows with deep bodies and short legs. They tend to mature faster, are very gentle in nature and easily adapt to changes as well. They are the best choice for producing organic beef and milk.

Zebu are Asian humped mini cows, they have short and sleek coats and tough skin. These mini cows can easily bear the heat, diseases and are also insect resistant as well.

And finally, Jerseys are said to be pocket sized family oriented cows. They are very gentle and look adorable also they produce the most delicious butterfat milk ever!


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