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Guessing the Appearance of Jesus!

What does Jesus look like?

images of jesusWe really have no idea what Jesus looks like. We have no clue about any of his any facial features or clothing style or personality etc. Even the Bible has not given any description on the kind of man he was. The earliest drawings and images that exist today are those that were made around the third century. Each if these images and painting have their own idea of what Jesus looks like which means that every image is different and hence, no drawing can be stated as accurate or close to what Jesus looked like. Nonetheless, all of these images are interesting and you should definitely check these out. Mentioned below are six images of Jesus and where they are located today. These are the earliest existing images of Jesus Christ.

The Alexamenos Graffito:

The first image is the Alexamenos graffito. This is an image of Jesus although it is a mocking depiction. However, this is suspected as the earliest image of Jesus although there has been a lot of debate on this. This image is present on a wall in Rome and is carved in plaster in the wall. This image dates back to somewhere between the first and third century. The picture is of a man glancing at a person with a donkey’s head which is being crucified. It says Alexamenos worshipping God and it is believed that this image mocked the faith of the Christian, Alexamenos.

The good shepherd:

The second image is the Good Shepherd, which is present in the catacomb of St. Callisto in Rome. This is believed to be painted somewhere in the third century.

The Adoration of the Magi:

The next image in the six image of Jesus Christ is the adoration of the Magi. This image depicts the cast of the sarcophagus present in the Vatican museums. The image shows the Magi adoring and being fond of the Christ. This image is also dated back to the third century.

The healing of the paralytic:

Then we have the healing of the paralytic which was also painted sometime in the third centuries. This painting is present in an ancient city of Syria which has long been abandoned. It is present on the baptistery of the church. The image shows the story of the healing of a paralytic which was found in Mark 2.

The Christ between Peter and Paul:

The next picture is named the Christ between Peter and Paul. This painting was painted in the fourth century and is hung in a cemetery. This cemetery is located in an imperial villa that is the property of Constantine.

The Pantokrator – the oldest panel:

The last image that we will be discussing in this article is named the Pantokrator. This was painted in the sixth century however it is the oldest panel icon of the Jesus Christ which is still surviving and intact. This image is located on Mount Sinai in the monastery of Saint Catherine.

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