Pictures of Cows

pictures of cowsCow! First a person should know that what a cow is. Cow is a female animal which is fully grown. It belongs from the domesticated breed of the ox, it held in reserve to produce the milk or that of the beef.

There are about eight hundred breeds of the cow present world widely. These all breeds are being fall within the two main categories. There is one specie in which the two sub-species are present.

There is the cattle name Zebu its biological name is Bos indicus. The specialty of this specie is that it is adapted towards the hot climate.

The other subtype is Bos Taurus, this type is typical in following countries:

  • Europe.
  • Some parts of Africa.
  • North-eastern Asia.

The typical breed that is being present in the warmer climate is of Taurus or that of the indica.

Different cow breed

Below there is given some pictures of cows for the different breed.

  • Austrian yellow.

austrian yellow

  • Avilena-Negar Iberica.

avilena negar iberica

  • Arsi.


  • Andalusian black.

andalusian black


Much more breed are present as mentioned that there are almost 800 plus breed present in the world. In this piece of paper you are going to get the information about some of breed that is being mentioned above.

Austrian yellow

In Austria it is one of the most widely spread over the 1.7 million animals. It is being found on the big-scale in the Europe and that of the North-America. It is also being present on the small scale. This breed is very much managed to give the pure milk. The special characteristics of Austrian yellow breed include:

  • Fertility.
  • Calving ease.
  • Milking speed.
  • Persistence.
  • Longevity.
  • Udder health.
  • Somatic cell count.



The life weight of this cow is almost about 650-150 cm. the height of the cow is up to the 140-150 cm. the growing age of the cow is about twenty-nine point eight months. The life span of productivity is about three point eight years.

The target to achieve from breeding

It has the milk production up to 38%, that of beef is 196% and the fitness after breeding you can get is 46%.

The demographic of this breed

The population of this breed is up to 1.626.105. This cow is being registered and the herbs that they eat are 16.413.

Production of breed

This breed is very much popular. This breed is full of the fats, protein and the milk performance is very much height. Therefore this is considered to be the one of the best breed in the crossing. The crossing made between this breed is very much easy and functional. This is being found on the small scales. You are able to made the pure breeding as well as the cross breeding from them. it is able to gain the daily weight as a result the meat collection occurs. The fat production is up to the 4.2%, that of proteins is 3.7% and that of the milk performance is 3.43% daily. They are consider to be one of the best cow’s in the Austria due to their astonishing characteristics.

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