Pictures of Houses with interesting features

picture of housesHouse is actually a building where the human occupation is, this building is especially being consist up of two stories mostly. One consists up of ground floor and the other consists up of upper story. It is mostly being trend that the people want to have the different styles of houses. The style also varies from region to region. The people want to have the best house in the society, therefore they wants to have the different styles.

Styles of houses

If you want to add glamour to your house, add some of the extra cut back appeal. You should have to know style of your style. For that you are able to help the development of the successful plan. Through this way you are going to gain the greatest kind of positive reception about the house that was going to be made, designed and then built up.

There is the different variation available in the different house styles. The different kinds of architectures are able to identify the different styles of the designee s.  Through this way to are going to engage yourself in to the different stuffs and make a different kind of the makeover, through which you are able to give rise to the new style of house. Below the shown pictures of houses with interesting features.

Cape Cod homes

cape cod homesThis style is from the back of the 1675. In 1930s this was one of the commonest and the most popular style of houses.

The houses are being made of just one story our sometimes they are consist up of the one or one and the half stories. The specific features of the Cape Cod homes are as follow:

  • Wood siding.
  • Hardwood floors.
  • Steep roof line.
  • Multi-pane windows.

If we talk about the original Cape Cod houses they were usually being very small. They have the specific type of the boast dormer windows, these windows were made for the following reason:

  • Added spaces.
  • Ventilation.
  • Light.

Victorian houses

victorian housesIn the Victorian era the several style of the houses are being fall, Queen-Anne is one of them. This style is being lasted from about 1860-1900. The home of the Victorians has the much cool characteristic that are as follow:

  • Distinctive.
  • Fabric patterns and different colors.
  • Romantics.
  • Abundant with detail.
  • Textures.

These houses are very much traditional and up to dated. The specific features are as follow:

  • A dominant front-facing gable.
  • Cutaway bay windows.
  • Full-width front porch.
  • Patterned shingles.
  • An asymmetrical façade.

Country French-Style homes

french style homesIt was from the 18th centuries and was the home style in the united state. It is the French building style of the tradition that was being started to fade up in the year 1803. These houses are often comprised of the one story; the interesting features are as follow:

  • Paired shutters.
  • Stucco walls.
  • Narrow windows.
  • Steeply pitched roofs.
  • A half-timbered frame.

So they are one of the awesome designee and are very much common.


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