Teachings and Pics of Jesus

pics of jesusMany people like to know about Jesus because Jesus is a very good and nice person. We can see pics of Jesus on the internet. You just have to search those pics of Jesus and you can see him Jesus came to the attention of people due to his good deeds because he is a good person and people follow him because of his deeds. Those who follow him are known as Christian.


A man can make his history with his good deeds and virtue. Jesus do the same. Jesus is the prophet of God. He leads people to the right place. Jesus went into the desert for prayer and meditation. He meditates his mind to listen to the words of God and spread those words among the people. It is his mission to lead all person with his good deeds and virtues. Jesus accepted the hard and less popular mission.

After going into the desert, the Jesus meditates his mind. After some time of meditation, he began to preach in Galilee. He spread the word of God among people. Many will follow him. At first 12 disciples attracted to his voice. These 12 people are common workers and fishermen. It is only a start. After some time, many people follow him because they felt that he is the right person and there is only one God. There is no other God but one.

Miracles of Jesus:

Jesus believed in God. This belief of Jesus led him to do many miracles. The records about Jesus shows that he can do a lot of miracles. For centuries people who did not on anything. It is the miracle of Jesus that he led them towards the path of God. This is the proof of his miracles.

Jesus led them people with the help of Bible. Bible is a holy book. When people had no faith and there is no belief in God, then the Jesus had come forward and tells them about the message of God.


Jesus teaches many things to his followers. He teaches them about the moral values. He believed in friendship and also tells others to do so. He said to always speak the truth. At first, he taught all these thing to a small group of people. After some time, his teachings spread among the people. He also tells people to get rid of all kinds of false God and believe on the true one. He is the man of God and always tells his followers to have belief on the right god.

So, Jesus is a prophet and he always spread the word of God among people. He led them towards the right path. At first, only a few people believe on him and follows him but as the time passes more and more people are started to become his followers because he always teaches the moral values to the people. He tells them to walk towards the right path and tells them to always believe on the one true God because there is only one God and they should believe on him.

pic of jesus

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