What do Cats Eat ?

what do cats eatCats are undoubtedly similar but quite a few generation away from their wild cousin, the lion. Most people wonder what do cats eat.Actually they require a well-nourished and balanced meal to satisfy it daily energy requirement, however feeding them the same type of food can make them habitual due to their fussy nature. Similar to men, cats are also carnivorous and require a regulate protein intake, yet it is not advisable to feed your cat human food unless it is safe and occasional.

So what do cats eat that we human eat as well?


Not just the favourite of every kid but also cats. It is filled with calcium making it highly nutritious for the cat. You can serve it grated in a small bowl or simply sprinkle some over their meal toadd to flavour. Avoid using soft cheese like cream cheese, brie and camembert.


Filled with the goodness of probiotics and good bacteria, excellent for cats even if they are lactose intolerant. Plain unflavoured yoghurt is the perfect low sugar meal which some cats adore yet it manages to disgust the rest.


When given in small amounts like about a teaspoon twice a week mixed to its food will improve the digestive system allowing easier passage of hairball which may seem disgusting but play a crucial role in their grooming routine.

Chicken or turkey

The perfect option for ill or recovering cats to improve their appetite without making it too harsh on their tummy. Most cats enjoy cooked chicken chunks.


The most preferred meal for most cats is canned fish especially tuna which is a great source of protein. A righteous way to regain his lost appetite, however feeding your cat excess tuna makes them tuna junkies and can lead to “yellow fat disease” triggered by the deficiency of vitamin E.


Serving raw meat to your cat is somewhat controversial so it is upon you to make the decision wisely. On the other hand, cooking a fresh piece of meat like a steak cut into bite size and baked till it is chewy and hard will surely be a treat for your cat and also beneficial for their teeth and jaw. However don’t treat your cat as garbage feeding them with old or wasted meat has diverse consequences on its health. Also avoid processed meat like salami, ham or bacon.


Another controversial topic is whether it is fine to have it raw or not. Nevertheless, to be on the safer side some scrambled eggs or hardboiled egg chopped into pieces sounds more reliable.

Baby food

What do cat eat when they are sick? This is perfect for unwell cats as it soft and easy to digest but be careful with the ingredients as a few maybe act highly toxic to cats.


Another good option for a sick or recovering cat with gastrointestinal complaint. Rice is a bland diet especially when cooked with chicken it is most likely to return your cat’s appetite.


Cooked vegetables are a worthy source of fibre which will again assist passage of hairball. A bowl of cooked pumpkin or carrot is loved by cats.

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